16th Annual Meeting of the EHRS

We are extremely pleased to announce the next meeting of the European Hair Research Society to be held in Barcelona in the end of June 2012.

Together with Prof. Juan Ferrando we already had the chance to organize a EHRS meeting in Barcelona in 2002.

The big amount of participation and the high level of the presentations stimulated us to organize 9 years later a similar event.

Barcelona in June is an extremely pleasant Mediterranean city to visit, not only adequate for a meeting but also for a short break.

Most hotels, comfortable and some very affordable will be around the congress meeting.

We would like to encourage young and not so young researchers to keep in mind our next appointment in Barcelona.

Some of you will have the chance to rememorize a lovely experience and for those who will be there as their first time the experience might be unforgettable.


Juan Ferrando and Ramon Grimalt

Barcelona in June is a great place for a short break and for a great meeting. Please sign in for the newsletter



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